Dakota’s Carina Diamond: WealthTech’s Impact on the Future of Advice

Dakota’s Carina Diamond: WealthTech’s Impact on the Future of Advice

As technology for the wealth management industry evolves, financial advisors will have more options than ever before to enhance the services – and value – they deliver to clients. 

Understanding and navigating the readily changing WealthTech landscape can be a challenge for many, however. In this episode of the WealthStack podcast, Carina Diamond, the Chief Experience Officer at Dakota Wealth Management, shares her experience and perspective on how successful advisory firms are using technology to customize financial plans, improve and deepen relationships with clients — and ultimately run a more productive and profitable business. 

Carina and Mark Bruno, the Managing Director of Wealth Management at Informa, specifically focus on:

  • The role of technology in changing and improving client experiences 
  • How virtual platforms can help to facilitate stronger advisor/client relationships
  • Continued opportunities for advisors to leverage and invest in new technology
  • The primary contributors to Dakota’s growth in 2021
  • Insights into the acquisitions announced at Dakota earlier in 2021

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About our guest:

As Chief Experience Officer, Carina is responsible for providing leadership and mentoring to the other client advisors at Dakota Wealth, as well as directing marketing efforts for the firm. Before joining Dakota Wealth Management, Carina Diamond was founder and CEO of Springside Partners LLC.

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