3. The Value of Advice: Articulating and Demonstrating Your True “Alpha” with Jamie Hopkins

3. The Value of Advice: Articulating and Demonstrating Your True “Alpha” with Jamie Hopkins

Financial advisors often have an impact on the lives of their clients that extends well beyond investment performance. An ability to help clients navigate complex life and financial decisions – which are frequently intertwined – is at the core of any successful advisor’s long-term relationships. 

But how can you ensure that clients understand the true value of the services that you deliver – and ultimately the unique problems that only you can solve for them?

In this episode of the WealthStack podcast, Mark Bruno and Jamie Hopkins Esq., LLM, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®, RICP®, managing partner of Wealth Solutions at Carson Wealth, reveal how to articulate your unique advisor “alpha”. They dive into different ways to communicate your value with prospects and demonstrate what makes you different from other advisors. Jamie discusses how advisors are adapting to create experiences for clients, while also focusing on:

  • The most effective ways to communicate your value proposition
  • The role of technology as a differentiator for advisors
  • The difference between service and relationship for advisors and clients
  • The services, outcomes or solutions that have the most value for investors
  • How behavioral finance impacts clients’ advisor selection

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About our guest:

Jamie P. Hopkins, ESQ., MBA, CFP®, LLM, CLU®, ChFC®, RICP® is the Managing Partner of Wealth Solutions. He is a Finance Professor of Practice at Creighton University’s Heider College of Business.

A nationally recognized writer and researcher, Jamie is a regular contributor to Forbes, InvestmentNews and MarketWatch. A highly sought-after speaker in the financial services industry, Jamie has also been featured on Wall Street Journal podcasts, NPR radio and Fox radio, and has made multiple appearances for NBC10 Philadelphia, PBS and USA Today.

He’s been published in dozens of financial, educational and legal journals and developed educational materials for The American College’s CFP®, CLU®, ChFC® and RICP® programs, along with CE programs for attorneys.

Additionally, Jamie has co-authored three text books and has two ebooks on Retirement Planning, “Retirement Success In 10 Steps: How To Stretch Your Dollar To Last Through Your Golden Years” and “Retirement Risks: How To Plan Around Uncertainty For A Successful Retirement.” He is also the author of 2018’s “Rewirement: Rewiring The Way You Think About Retirement.”


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