The WealthStack Podcast: Can Your Tech Help Tame Volatility with Don Nilsson of Addepar

The WealthStack Podcast: Can Your Tech Help Tame Volatility with Don Nilsson of Addepar

The fastest-growing, most resilient RIAs are relying on modern technology to deliver a differentiated experience and keep up with client expectations. Given the significant amount of market turmoil over the past year, having the right technology, data, tools and perspective are more important than ever to navigate volatility and a dynamic risk landscape. Fortunately, Addepar has been at the forefront of these trends by developing the industry standard for data management and aggregation, analysis and reporting.

In this episode, Shannon Rosic, director of WealthStack content and solutions, speaks with Don Nilsson, Chief Product Officer at Addepar, about how they’re supporting advisors in a more tech-enabled and data-driven way.

Shannon and Don discuss:

  • Why adoption rates of sophisticated portfolio management systems has increased
  • The implications of the great wealth transfer 
  • How Addepar is helping create a more transparent ecosystem
  • Where AI sits on the Addepar roadmap 

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About Our Guest:

Don is the Chief Product Officer at Addepar, focused on driving the development of the company’s platform which specializes in data aggregation, analytics, and portfolio reporting to provide insights and clarity into investment portfolios. Highly adept at user-centric solutions, Don brings a design-centered approach to development.

Prior to joining Addepar, he spent more than two decades at FactSet, most recently serving as Senior Vice President of Product Development, responsible for running their global product development function and overseeing development across the entire platform.

Don received a BS in finance at Villanova University and an MBA from New York University.

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