The WealthStack Podcast: The Power of the CRM with Craig Ramsey

The WealthStack Podcast: The Power of the CRM with Craig Ramsey

A powerful CRM is crucial for financial advisors if they ultimately want to grow their business. As firms gain access to more and more data, the CRM has become the centralized hub to capture, organize and manage data through the entire client lifecycle. With more information available than ever before, advisors can use this technology to continuously enhance the client experience. 


In this episode, Shannon Rosic, director of WealthStack content and solutions, speaks with Craig Ramsey, COO of AdvisorEngine, about why having up-to-date allows for better and faster decision making. 


Shannon and Craig discuss:

  • Why firms need to invest in talent around handling data
  • Grading the average RIA around how they’re using technology to drive value
  • The core components of the the ‘platform mentality’ 
  • Why he helped launch Action! magazine


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About Our Guest:

Craig is a business builder with a background in corporate strategy, investment banking and consulting. He joined AdvisorEngine from WisdomTree where he led strategy, helped establish an international presence and pushed the company beyond ETFs into technology solutions. Craig has prior experience at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Accenture and UBS.

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