The WealthStack Podcast: Is it the Year of Advisor Productivity?

The WealthStack Podcast: Is it the Year of Advisor Productivity?

RIAs need to find ways to continue to be profitable and scale, even when the markets aren’t offering much growth. While technology has advanced in leaps and bounds, with new products and services being introduced every year, advisors still need to utilize the right technology to improve workflows within their business.

In this episode, Shannon Rosic, director of WealthStack Content and Solutions, speaks with Ryan George, chief marketing officer of Docupace, on what to look for when introducing new technology to a business to fill gaps in productivity.

Shannon and Ryan discuss:

  • Why now was the right time for Docupace to enter the RIA market
  • What the word ‘scale’ means within the RIA marketplace, and how is technology helping
  • Which technology will be most impactful for financial advisors this year and beyond
  • Eight questions to ask when looking for new technology to incorporate into your business

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About Our Guest:

Ryan George is the Chief Marketing Officer at Docupace, a solutions provider focused on digitizing and automating operations in the financial advice and investment industry. He serves as the company’s “chief diplomat” evangelizing the company’s people, solutions and brand across the financial services/ wealth management industry. As a member of the senior executive committee Ryan collaborates with key stakeholders across Docupace to support the company’s growth, retention and profitability objectives.

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