Ric Edelman on Advisors’ “Crypto Knowledge Gap”

Ric Edelman on Advisors’ “Crypto Knowledge Gap”

Are investors outpacing advisors in their understanding of crypto and digital assets? 16% of advisors say they recommend bitcoin and other digital assets, yet 24% of American adults own crypto. It’s important for financial advisors to overcome this gap as the number of digital assets in the market continues to grow and the asset class increases in popularity.

Mark Bruno, Managing Director of Wealth Management at Informa, is joined by Ric Edelman, Founder, Digital Asset Council of Professionals and the Funding Our Future Coalition, to discuss the growth of cryptocurrency and the “professionalization” of digital assets. 

Listen in as Ric and Marc explore:

  • How to educate financial advisors and broaden the knowledge base when it concerns digital assets.
  • As innovations in digital assets continue what does it mean for the first adopters of this technology by hedge funds, billionaires, endowments, pension funds, insurance companies.
  • How the government is reacting to the rise of digital currency and how much truth are there in the predictions that by the end of the decade every government around the world will have a digital currency.
  • To what degree is the lack of knowledge in digital assets a result of a lack of technology, lack of regulation, or lack of infrastructure.
  • The ideal allocation for your client’s portfolio as these digital assets grow.

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About Our Guest:

Ric Edelman is a #1 New York Times bestselling author of 10 books on personal finance. He was ranked three times as the nation’s #1 Independent Financial Advisor by Barron’s and founded the nation’s largest financial planning firm, now serving 1.3 million clients and managing $300 billion in AUM. Edelman is in both Research Magazine’s and Barron’s Financial Advisor Halls of Fame, and recipient of IARFC’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Investment Advisor, RIABiz and InvestmentNews all named him one of the most influential people in the investment management profession. He is the #1 New York Times best-selling author of 10 books on personal finance with more than one million copies in print in seven languages.

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