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Lori Hardwick: How Technology is Revolutionizing the Wealth Management Industry

Lori Hardwick: How Technology is Revolutionizing the Wealth Management Industry

Innovation and adoption of technology are rapidly redefining the way financial advisors work with clients – and are revolutionizing the wealth management industry. 

One of the most experienced and knowledgeable voices in the wealth management and WealthTech industries — Lori Hardwick, CEO of Red Rock Strategic Partner — stopped by the WealthStack podcast to highlight the developments in FinTech that all advisors need to know. 

Ms. Hardwick talks with Mark Bruno, the Managing Director of Wealth Management at Informa, about her key learnings sitting on the boards for major players in WealthTech, such as Orion, Cetera, and Vestwell. In addition, they discuss:

  • How emerging technology is improving every interaction advisors can have with clients
  • How technology is accelerating change in retirement plans
  • How financial planning, risk management, and asset management are converging to create a truly holistic and customizable wealth management experience. 

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About our guest:

Lori Hardwick brings more than 25 years of experience of working in the financial industry as a prominent voice and is known for her intense passion for continuous improvement in the financial advisory industry.

As CEO of WealthTech at RedRock Strategic Partners LLC and as a Strategic Advisory Board member of Genstar Capital, Lori works directly with C-suite level executives at some of the largest financial services companies, to help them create, and execute against, winning growth strategies and to improve the overall experiences for advisors and their clients.

Lori has been appointed to, and currently serves on, several corporate boards in the financial services and fintech industries including Orion Advisor Technologies, Cetera Financial Group, as Vestwell for which she serves a s Chairman. Lori previously served as Chairman of the Board at Riskalyze through mid-2021.

In 2017, Lori created and co-founded, Advisor Innovation Labs (AI Labs) which underwent a successful transaction in early 2020. Prior to founding AI Labs, Lori served as Chief Operating Officer for Pershing, a BNY Mellon company, sharing leadership responsibility with the CEO for managing the Pershing family of companies. Lori served as a member of Pershing’s Executive Committee and BNY Mellon’s Senior Leadership Team.

Previously and for the majority of Lori’s career, she was a Co-Founder and Group President of Advisory Services for Envestnet, overseeing its enterprise relationship management, institutional advisory sales, strategic partnerships and practice management programs. She had been with Envestnet since its founding in 2000 and served in a variety of roles managing its enterprise, sales, services, advisor orientation and onboarding divisions during her 16-year tenure at the firm.

Lori has been recognized as one of the “22 People who will Transform Wealth Management in 2022” by Financial Planning Magazine, and as one of Top Women of Wealth Tech by ThinkAdvisor, a “Winner in Wealthtech” by Wealth Management Today, a “Woman to Watch” by InvestmentNews and on Investment Advisor’s list of “The 25 Most Influential People in the Financial Industry”.

2. Dani Fava: Why Embedded Finance is a Game-Changer for Financial Advice

2. Dani Fava: Why Embedded Finance is a Game-Changer for Financial Advice

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While most consumers rely on mobile apps for the majority of their daily purchases and purchases, financial services apps are largely utility functions that occupy a limited portion of investors’ routines and mindshares. 

Enter Embedded Finance, the next “big disruption” for financial services and wealth management. 

In this episode of the WealthStack podcast, Mark Bruno talks with Dani Fava, head of strategic development at Envestnet, about the future of advice – and importantly, how more financial services companies will directly integrate with consumer technology and mobile applications. Dani explains the concept of embedded finance and offers specific thoughts on:

  • Investors’ digital “relationships” with consumer mobile apps – and the potential to align investment and planning advice with mainstream brands
  • How super apps will impact the way we invest financially
  • Why it’s important for financial advisors to understand embedded finance now – and how they can build deeper client relationships with NexGen investors

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About our guest:

Dani Fava is creating the future of financial services. She was named #71 in top 100 Women in Fintech by Fintech Magazine, Woman to Watch by Investment News 2020, ThinkAdvisor IA25 recipient in 2020, one of top 16 Women in Wealthtech 2019 by ThinkAdvisor.


1. The Evolution of Advice: Joe Duran on the Accelerating Pace of Change in Wealth Management

1. The Evolution of Advice: Joe Duran on the Accelerating Pace of Change in Wealth Management

When the pandemic hit in March 2020, the financial advice industry essentially became virtual overnight. Advisors and the companies that support them embraced technology like never before and now, roughly 18 months later, the business of advice has experienced it’s most significant period of change ever. 

Where does the advice industry go from here? In this inaugural episode of the WealthStack podcast, Wealth Management’s Mark Bruno addresses the big picture with Joe Duran, managing director of Goldman Sachs Personal Financial Management. Joe dives into how modern technology and current worldwide events have changed the way that advisors work, from adapting client meetings to engaging virtually with potential clients and prospects.

Specifically, Joe and Mark dive into:

  • What have been some of the most significant changes in the advisor-client relationship since March 2020? How will that re-shape the future of advice?
  • What technologies, tools and resources allowed some advisors to thrive over the last 18 months?
  • From an industry perspective, how has the landscape of wealth management providers changed the most? 
  • What types of firms, services and experiences will “win” going forward?

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About our guest:

Joe is co-head of Personal Financial Management Group, which includes Ayco and Personal Financial Management (PFM). He is a member of the Consumer and Wealth Management Inclusion and Diversity Council and Steering Committee.

Joe joined Goldman Sachs as a partner in 2019 as part of Goldman Sachs’ acquisition of United Capital, which was subsequently renamed Personal Financial Management.

Joe founded United Capital in 2005. Before that, he served as president of GE Private Asset Management, which he built and sold to GE as president of Centurion Capital in 2001.

Joe has written three books, including The Money Code, which was listed on The New York Times and USA Today’s bestseller lists.

Joe earned a BS in Business Administration from Saint Louis University and MBA degrees from Columbia University and the University of California, Berkeley. He is a CFA charterholder.