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2. Dani Fava: Why Embedded Finance is a Game-Changer for Financial Advice

2. Dani Fava: Why Embedded Finance is a Game-Changer for Financial Advice

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While most consumers rely on mobile apps for the majority of their daily purchases and purchases, financial services apps are largely utility functions that occupy a limited portion of investors’ routines and mindshares. 

Enter Embedded Finance, the next “big disruption” for financial services and wealth management. 

In this episode of the WealthStack podcast, Mark Bruno talks with Dani Fava, head of strategic development at Envestnet, about the future of advice – and importantly, how more financial services companies will directly integrate with consumer technology and mobile applications. Dani explains the concept of embedded finance and offers specific thoughts on:

  • Investors’ digital “relationships” with consumer mobile apps – and the potential to align investment and planning advice with mainstream brands
  • How super apps will impact the way we invest financially
  • Why it’s important for financial advisors to understand embedded finance now – and how they can build deeper client relationships with NexGen investors

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About our guest:

Dani Fava is creating the future of financial services. She was named #71 in top 100 Women in Fintech by Fintech Magazine, Woman to Watch by Investment News 2020, ThinkAdvisor IA25 recipient in 2020, one of top 16 Women in Wealthtech 2019 by ThinkAdvisor.